Chamber Business Luncheon hears from the United Way and MNP

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Yesterday, the Chetwynd Chamber of Commerce hosted a Business luncheon at the Pomeroy Inn and Suites – Chetwynd, BC with Guest Speakers Gavin Still, CPA, CGA from MNP and Emily Gallen, the Community Development and Campaign Officer for the United Way of Northern BC.

At the luncheon, which was catered by Crazy Beanz Bistro, Emily Gallen opened with explaining what the United Way invests their funding into, “In Northern BC, we have over 308 programs that we’re invested into. We‘re in 22 communities, such as Chetwynd, and here we funding both the Tansi Friendship Centre’s Elder Circle and the Fresh Food Pantry. And we fund the Alpha-bites program at the Chetwynd Public Library, which provides all the fresh food and snacks and healthy, nutritious meals for the children who access their programs.”

Emily explained how people can get involved, whether it be through giving, volunteering or participating, and encouraged people to call her at 250-263-9266, ext. 2 to arranged a campaign within their community. She also let the crowd know of upcoming events the United way of Northern BC will be hosting soon, “In Fort St. John, we’re going to have a golf tournament on June 22nd and you can sponsor that event or you can join a team – it’s going to be a lot of fun! And then we’re going to be doing the annual Firetruck Pull July 9th in Dawson Creek, which is also open for sponsorship’s at this time, or teams as well.”

Next, Gavin Still, the Keynote Speaker of the afternoon, came to breakdown both the BC and federal budgets for 2017 and how the changes are going to effect the taxing of small and corporate businesses.

“The BC budget, I think, is quite optimistic in the sense that it still allows tax credits for industries that they want BC to be a leader in: film, mining, research and development. They want BC to be a think-tank kind of province that’s doing cool things, as well as, being a natural resource province,” he said. “The other thing we’re seeing is for small business corporations and that’s a decrease in the tax rate of half a percent. But that’s from 2.5% to 2% in the BC portion of the tax and that’s actually quite a big reduction in tax, but only for small business corporations.”

As for the federal budget, Gavin explained that the Liberal Government, in his words, is targeting ‘those people they feel are not in proper business or are not full businesses.’

“Professionals, lawyers, doctors, accountants – people who might have themselves and a corporation and can shelter income inside that corporation. So, they’re looking at ways to widdle away at that.” he expanded.

Gavin also want on to say what he thinks we may see more of in the future, “The idea of businesses being somehow disincentivised to keep corporate surplus inside the business, unless it’s being invested into the business itself.”

You can view the entire luncheon on CHET TV later next week.

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