Since the 1970s, the Chetwynd Communications Society has worked to establish radio and television service. For many years, they rebroadcast pre-recorded content to Chetwynd and surrounding communities via a telecommunications tower on nearby Wabi Hill.

As a result, the Chetwynd Communications Society operates a series of low-powered repeaters that rebroadcast selected Canadian and American stations via satellite (a complete list of these stations is below).

On 5 December 1996, 94.5 CHET-FM—the town’s first radio station—went on-air. Since then the station has expanded with a repeater tower in Dawson Creek at 104.1 and is now known collectively as Peace FM. Its programming uses a series of specialty programs such as metal, gospel, hard rock, and dance.

Chetwynd’s community television station, CHET-TV channel 12, began broadcasting on 8 March 2000, in a ceremony attended by Governor General Adrienne Clarkson.

Shortly after it launched the community-based radio station Peace FM, the Chetwynd Communication Society decided to further promote the town and region through collected printed and recorded media. Pine Tree Books was started in 1998 with just a small handful of titles related to the region or written by local authors. Its mission in doing so was to educate locals about the Peace Region's past and present, its resources, stories, events and news as well as to promote local authors.


FM Radio Guide
 Frequency Station
 94.5 CHET-FM (Peace FM Chetwynd)
 100.5 CFMI-FM (Rock 101 Vancouver)
103.9 CISN-FM (CISN Country Edmonton)
104.1 CHAD-FM (Peace FM Dawson Creek)


TV Channel Guide 
 Channel Service
 24.1  Global Vancouver
 24.2  CBC Vancouver
 24.3  CTV Vancouver
 24.4  CITY TV Vancouver
28.1  ABC Seattle
28.2 CBS Seattle
28.3 FOX Seattle
28.4 NBC Seattle
30.1 PBS Detroit
30.2 NTV St. John's
30.3 Treehouse TV
30.4 Knowledge Network