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Pine Tree Books is Chetwynd’s source for local, regional and national books, CDs and DVDs. Come by and check out our selection, we’re located at the Peace FM studio!

New Books are always in stock!

Canadian Canoe Expedition

Jon van Tamelen


How to Survive on a Toxic Planet

by Dr. Steve Nugent

The Peacemakers Hudson’s Hope Section

Camping British Columbia and Yukon by Jayne Seagrave



The Peacemakers of North Peace
Tumbler Ridge

The Fossils

Tumbler Ridge

The Human History

Tumbler Ridge

The Scenery

Finding Home
Frank OberleFindingHome_FrankOberle
Kelly’s World-Fixing Machine
Lane BristowKellysWorldFixingMachine_LaneBristow


Last Stand at Coyote Yelp Pass
Lane BristowLastStandAtCoyoteYelpPass_LaneBristow
My Peaceful Journey
Jack HannamMyPeacefulJourney_JackHannam
One Family’s Journey
Peter BentleyOneFamilysJourney_PeterBentley
History Book: Saga of
Little Prairie-ChetywndSagaOfLittlePrairieChetwynd
Slice of Heaven
Lane BristowSliceOfHeaven_LaneBristow
Tales of an Old Pelt Purchaser
Ralph ParkerTalesOfAnOldPeltPurchaser_RalphParker
The ABC Musical Garden
Doris BrockeABCMusicalGarden_DorisBrocke
The Doorstop
Lane BristowTheDoorstop_CorinthiaPurdyLaneBristow
The Mercy of Wolves
Lane BristowTheMercyofWolves_LaneBristow
The Story of Simon Janice SabulskyTheStoryOfSimon_JaniceSabulsky  

The X Tails

Ski at Spider Ridge

L.A Fielding / Victor Guiza

Spider Ridge FINAL

The X Tails

Skateboard at Monster Ramp

L.A Fielding/Victor Guiza

Monster Ramp FINAL

The X Tails

Snowboard at Shred Park

L.A Fielding/Victor Guiza
Shred Park FINAL