Safety Tips for Drivers and Motorcyclists

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The Dawson Creek RCMP are advising motorists to be on the lookout for motorcycles as summer arrives in the Peace.
Motorcycle fatalities continue to be a serious concern in BC. On average, 42 riders are killed and 2,200 crashes involving motorcycles occur on BC roads every year. According to provincial data, motorcycles make up approximately 10% of road fatalities.
“Motorcycle collisions tend to peak in the summer months as warmer weather and conditions allow for more riders on the roadways.” Cst. Jaime EKKEL stated.
Six out of ten crashes involving motorcycles happen at an intersection. Driver distraction and drivers who fail to yield are the top factors in collisions with motorcycles.
You can help prevent a crash with a motorcycle by following these tips:
• Scan intersections carefully and take an extra moment to look for motorcycles when you’re turning left.
• Stay alert and avoid distractions that take your mind off driving or your eyes off the road
• Allow at least three or four seconds of following distance when behind a motorcycle and plenty of lane space when you pass.
• Be ready to yield as a motorcycle is often closer than it seems. Remember it can be hard to tell how fast a motorcycle is travelling.
If you ride a motorcycle, please:
• Practice emergency braking and obstacle avoidance. Brush up on core skills in a safe place like an empty parking lot if you haven’t ridden for a few months.
• Be seen. Do your best to stay out of a driver’s blind spot.
• Watch Drivers for clues. Never assume they’ve seen you or will give you the right-of-way, they may not accurately judge your distance or speed.
• Use your signals. Let drivers know what you plan to do so they can anticipate your next move and react in time.
• Plan your path prior to a curve. Look where you want to go and then adjust your lane position and speed to exit smoothly.
• Ride at a safe speed. Manage your speed to leave ample time to stop or steer out of a vehicle’s path.
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