Peace FM Radio Chetwynd 94.5 General Manager Leo Sabulsky Leo Sabulsky – General Manager

Fire Chief Leo has been a Director of the Chetwynd Communications Society from 1996 and has taken a leadership role in founding and creating PEACE FM and 55 CHET TV. As the General Manager, he oversees daily operations and even contributes to the airwaves with his renowned volunteer show “Leo & Friends”. All song requests can be directed to He only misses a show if there is a fire!

Peace FM Radio Chetwynd 94.5 Jackie Fowler Secretary Treasurer Jackie Fowler – Director & Secretary-Treasurer

Jackie has been a Director and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Communications Society from day one.   She takes care of all the fiscal details of all TV channels, CHET TV and Peace FM between fishing, hunting, cooking and farming adventures. Staff like going to her home for treats and all requests for recipes and hunting tips can be sent to

DONNAILLERBRUN Donna Illerbrun – Dawson Creek Representative

Donna is known for her Christmas light display and making Peace FM/CHET TV regional in nature. A long-term resident, Donna is a friend to all Dawson merchants and can be seen in her jeep visiting our clients on a daily basis, or in her office at the Pris building located at 929-106th Ave. Donna loves to tell you about the music of Peace FM on her sales calls and can be reached by calling her at (250) 219-0505 or by emailing her at

Laura McNabb – Office Assistant

If you drop by the Peace FM studios odds are Laura will be the first person you see. Laura manages the day to day tasks from everything from Pine Tree Books to every client. Born and raised right here in Chetwynd Laura adds authentic local passion to the organization and keeps the gears in motion everyday. A Graduate of Northern Lights College in 2014. To reach Laura, e-mail

 IMG_1106 Marlon Gomez – CHET TV Senior Producer

Marlon Gomez comes to us from Ontario, where he studied Broadcast Journalism at Humber College in Toronto. Prior to Humber College he got his BA in Criminology at the University of Western Ontario. Marlon interned for CTV News Toronto as a chase producer and writer. When he’s not working for CHET TV News you can find him working on his monthly radio series called Creative Canada. Feel free to pitch him a story or idea for CHET TV News or Creative Canada by emailing him at


Elizabeth (Liz) Myslicki – Office Assistant-BINGO Master

Liz has lived in Chetwynd for 7 years, but originally hailed from the rainy coast. Dealing with the day to day tasks at Peace FM. Liz’s face will be the second face you see after Laura’s. From answering the phone to working on special projects Liz is looking for a long and satisfying career at Peace FM.To reach Liz e-mail

Mike Mike Crosby – Drive Show Host/Music Director

Originally from Calgary, Mike is a graduate of the radio program at S.A.I.T. You’ll usually find him playing guitar or drums when he’s not watching one of his huge collection of movies. A huge music buff, Mike can talk for hours about anything from Classical, to Blues, to Classic rock. Catch Mike on the air every weekday from 2-6.Email him at

 14011863_10155127728522166_946740169_n Austin Ling – Weekend Warrior Show

 Austin was born in Ontario to a carpenter father and childcare mother, which in no way prepared him for a career in broadcasting. He attended Queen’s University for 4 years to study politics, after which he completed the Broadcasting for Contemporary Media program at Durham College. Most of his time is spent trying to make people laugh, what remains is spent training to defend Gotham from assorted spandex clad villains. There is no need to send Austin photos of your dogs as he loves puppies of all shapes and sizes, but feel free to throw up the Batsignal via



Christopher Raczkowski – Junior Producer

Originally from Ontario, Chris is a recent graduate from the Radio, Television and Broadcast News Program at S.A.I.T. He’s starting his career here in Chetwynd and couldn’t be happier about it. When he’s not running around town filming or working on any number of post-production duties, he’s usually at home writing and recording his own music or neck deep in a graphic novel (A.K.A. comic book). Another self proclaimed music buff here at the station, Chris is looking to take the title away from Mike. (It’s ok, they went to school together.) He also knows way too much about seafood. Send your seafood recipes to

Pranav Sharma Bhardwaj – Intern 

Born and raised in India. Graduated with a Bachelor’s Tech Degree in Media film and television technology with Advertising PR and Radio with a specialization in VFX. Started his career when he got his first chance to work in the Commonwealth Games 2010 New Delhi with IBC (International Broadcasting Company). He was the only first year student to work in an international event. Impressed by his work, India’s Ministry of Sports awarded him the “Golden Batch”. His past work experience includes teaching drama at a private school, Film Corner Editor for Amarujala, and an Assistant Director for a Bollywood Feature Film.

  Andrew Ferreira

Andrew was born and raised in Vancouver and this is his first venture into small-town Canada, as well as his first venture into the radio industry. A foray into health sciences proved to not be his cup of tea and so he turned on a dime and went to the British Columbia Institute of Technology to study Radio Arts & Entertainment where he’s currently in between his first and second years. Back home he hones his skills as the play-by-play commentator of the PJHL’s Richmond Sockeyes.

He’ll gladly accept any and all dog pictures, memes, and dog memes at